WordPress Websites

Wordpress Websites

Close to 25% of all the websites in the world are WordPress websites.

WordPress is a website development technology gaining popularity with each new website made with it. Explore Web has developed hundreds of WordPress websites helping clients benefit from amazing features this technology has to offer. Almost all WordPress websites are responsive, meaning, they are easily accessible on most smart devices like phones and tablet computers.

Like every technology, WordPress also requires in-depth knowledge of its operation and architecture to fully benefit from its features. At the same time, also to avoid compromising of your website from hackers and intruders.

WordPress Websites


Secure Installation

We install WordPress using strict installation guidelines using prescribed or better resources.

Correct Configuration

Meticulous and correct configuration of the WordPress engine will ensure bug-free functioning of your website.

Theme Selection

WordPress uses themes, just like non-WordPress websites use templates. We choose appropriate theme fitting your web site’s needs.

Using Plugins

WordPress uses plugins to execute specific tasks and functions. Untested and badly programmed plugins hurt your site, and can even crash it.

Core Engine Update

The WordPress core engine keeps updating itself just like any other software. Each such update has be administered in accordance to your site’s setup to avoid version incompatibilities.

SEO Readiness

Content of WordPress website has a magnetism to SEO. We use this feature of WordPress to the maximum advantage of our clients.

Power of WordPress

We are literate and experienced on WordPress’s visible and hidden powers. We design above average WordPress websites that stand out and provide amazing functionality.