Website Migration

Website migration by the experts

Website Migration is the transfer of a website from a one location to another. The move requires migration of all the integral website files onto the new location. We assess beforehand if the migration of your website could be done without losing data and functionality. A migration might be required for several reasons. Some of them may be:-

  • Your website is too slow
  • Downtime
  • Email issues
  • You need more storage then you are offered
  • Below par hosting platform
  • Vulnerable setup
  • Inadequate support

Explore Web can help you with all the technicalities and aspects of Website Migration. Once the process has been completed, we can also check if your site is fully functional.

Website Migration Checklist:-

If you would like us to do a website migration for you, we need the following information in order to fulfill a complete migration.

  • Domain Name Access
  • FTP and Host System (cPanel/Plesk/Others) access (Migrating from)
  • FTP and Host System (cPanel/Plesk/Others) access (Migrating to)
Website Migration

We can handle complex migrations like:-

  • One domain to another on the same server. For example – to
  • One domain to another on a different server. For example – to
  • One domain to another on any server
  • From one hosting platform to another