Business Goals

We need to know a clear objective of our prospective client before we proceed to the drawing board. Following are the most common objectives of a website:-

To provide information on products and services.

To sell products online.

To generate business leads.

To provide an online service or solution.

We create unique and inspiring websites that help you successfully engage with your target audience.  We conceptualize, develop and launch a successful website project in an organized manner.

Web Site Development

We at Explore Web ensure that every site we create has a strong foundation to experience sustainable growth.

Though we do follow some basic methodology in Website Development, we never get shackled by norms or set procedures. We focus on functionality, usability and the ultimate goal you set for your web site.

Hiring us will award you the advantage of correct handling of your Website Project. Rather than focusing on areas that are specific to design and development only, we take into account business and marketing aspects of your online presence.

After all, a website is the virtual representation of a business or an individual. We strongly believe that this representation shall match or exceed the actual persona of the subject.


Our approach to every Web Development project is simplified but firm. We involve the following resources for smooth production, launch and post launch.

  • Project Manager
  • Graphic and Web Designer
  • Programmer
  • Content Writer
  • Quality and Assurance
Web Site Development

The Right Decision

It is a right decision not to get swayed by personal choices, likes and dislikes when deciding on the design and layout of your website. It shall be nice to change a colour or icon because the business owner’s son wanted, or the secretary suggested something that she liked very much. But these choices may impact usability, far from industry trends and make least business or technical sense. We welcome suggestions, but prefer those coming from Art Directors or such principals.

It will be in your immense benefit to let your hired Web Designers work for you. After all, you hired them, why not trust their skills and experience?


Intuitive Design

A design that is intuitive puts little or no stress on the user to access information. We follow the prevailing user experience trends and offer design interface that most users can easily follow and adapt.

Browser Compatible

Website Development is about ensuring that your site is displayed correctly in all browsers. This integrates programming CSS & HTML to be in-line with the current Web standards.

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User Friendly

Some web sites demand the design and layout to be a certain way. That shall not mean complicating things. We have the experience and skill to create user friendly interfaces for complex requirements.

Mobile Friendly

It is a well accepted fact that no. of users using mobile web is increasing at exponential rate. Unless you specify, all web sites designed by us are mobile platforms friendly.

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Professional Content

Well written copy is extremely important for a website. It helps you send your message to your audience clearly and has a lasting impact. We can help you with producing or compiling this content.

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Industry Standards

A website for a car rental company shall not look like a retirement home’s. A visitor to your website shall know on a first glance what your business and objective is about.

We serve diverse industries

Elegant Fonts and Typography

The readability of your web site’s copy will determine how much time a user will spend reading it. We use carefully selected fonts for text, headings and other areas to produce the layout most easy on the eyes.

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Licensed Imagery

For a website to look great it needs fitting and great images. We use professional stock photos and use them under license from the provider.

Up-to-date Technologies

Our tools are Avant-garde and we keep our arsenal up-to-date. If you saw something online and you want us to make it, we assure you that we can.

Clean Code

Our programmers write and use code in a structured way, rather than throwing and inserting plugins and snippets all over the place. This ensures increased security and fast performance.


Great looking and efficiently working forms guarantee easy interaction of your customers with you. We install great working forms wherever necessary for you.

SEO Ready

Any website may need Search Engine Optimization (SEO) at any stage. We install the fundamentals of SEO in all of our web sites make them ready for future optimization.

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Management and Operation

A web site will need periodical management. Whether it will be us or our client, we establish the architecture to support that preference.


The globalization of the world has resulted in an expanded customer base for business owners. If you wish to engage visitors in more than one language, we can do that for you.