Static Websites

These websites are also called electronic brochures.

These kind of websites do not require any database programming.

Small businesses and professionals opt for these type of websites. For example – professionals like Lawyers and Accountants use 4-5 page static websites to display their services. These sites are kept before they develop more complex (Dynamic) websites. These websites are also used for short term needs like events, and promotions.

Static or entry level websites always show the same content. It does not necessarily mean that a static website’s content is only limited to text. It may contain text, images, video and audio. But that content does not change itself. It has to be manually updated by someone who has web design skills.

Static Websites


Most Affordable

Between a Dynamic, Responsive and E-Commerce web site a static site is most affordable to develop.

Quickly Done

These websites can be developed fairly quickly because they are technically not too demanding.


To update a Static website FTP and some web design skills are required.

Platform Limitation

Static websites may not be responsive. Such sites are not compatible with Smart Devices.

Simple Coding

Underneath a static site there is mostly plain HTML and CSS code. These sites are not too complex and least vulnerable.


Due to small footprint and lack of database interaction, these websites load and run fast.