Secure FTP

Depending on the different needs of various users, we offer a range of FTP services. Our FTP hosting services are suitable for graphic designers, web development firms and other businesses that require the transfer of large files. We work with you or your IT people to design tailored FTP packages that meet your unique business requirements. We can help you in providing dedicated and controlled access to your website visitors who can range from limited to administrative clearance levels. You tell us what you want done and we will help you achieve your goals.

Secure FTP has for long been the preferred standard by many companies large and small. Conventionally, FTP servers have been accessed via the desktop software. This kind of access works well for a number of tasks but it falls short when companies and employees or clients need to share files easily with one another/ manage access. ExploreWeb.COM has created very simple and effective Web Based Secure FTP solutions. These will help in increasing the efficiency of your existing workflows. You will easily be able to share, receive, manage & track files with our customized Web Based Secure FTP turnkey solution.

Secure FTP

Web Based or Client Based

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Excellent Interface

Upload, download and share almost any kind of a file using web based interface or a secure or non-secure FTP client.

Mobile Friendly

Fully responsive and compatible with most devices, including mobile devices. Apps for iPhone and Android available.

Large Storage

Large store space available starting from 2 GB. A real-time monitor shows your usage and availability.

User Management

You can create any number of users and grant them partial or full access. You can configure folder specific permissions.

Quota Management

Assign different disk quota to different folders. This configuration can be changed any time depending upon your needs.


You can configure email notifications to be sent or received whenever a file upload or download is complete.

Password Protection

Selective file and folder based secure password protection is available. Easily share files with users with no account, with our without password protection.

File Preview

The file manager allows the preview of most common file types. You can easily preview image files like JPGs and PNGs, Word Processor files, PDF files, and more.

Excellent Speed

A hosted FTP solution provides fast file exchange platform. This FTP system is hosted on servers that are designed and hosted for fast exchange of large data files. Consistent fast speed for web and FTP client is guaranteed.