Responsive Websites

Responsive Websites

The biggest distinction between a standard and responsive website is the fact that the responsive website morphs for the tablets and handheld screens. It automatically fits on the screen that is accessed on. A responsive website uses the touch-screen interface of these devices for navigation.

Explore Web builds attractive websites which can be viewed across all mobile platforms and browsers, without any distortion in its appearance and content.

These websites can have one-click email, one-click calling and instant directions to your mobile website giving customers quick and easy access.

If your primary objective is marketing of your business, having a mobile website makes perfect sense. Mobile Sites benefit from native advantages over Mobile Apps. They have more accessibility, reach and better Return on Investment.

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Responsive Websites are the sites of the future. Not having a Responsive Website today is only deferring it. For more information, feel free to send a no-obligation request.

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