Mobile Web

The current-day marketplace is highly-competitive. It is almost a prerequisite that your business provide information across different platforms, especially mobile platforms. It pays to capitalize on today’s customer’s trend of foraying into the world of mobile browsing and shopping.

How do they work?

A Mobile App is a software application developed specifically for a mobile device. But a website accessed on a mobile device (Smart Device) isn’t necessarily a Mobile Website. Most smart devices will open a PC website in their browsers. But they may or may not appear exactly how they appear on a PC. A Mobile App must be downloaded from an App Store (For example Apple App Store or Google Play) and installed. Mobile Apps have their own interface and do not require a browser while a Mobile Website opens in a mobile browser. Most Mobile Apps when installed get personalized for the device owner, establishing a very close engagement. The user’s personal information is always present on the smart device, and it is easily shared with the downloaded app. It does not always happen in the case of a Mobile Website.

What to Offer?

You can offer your visitors a Mobile Website as well as a Mobile App. A Mobile Website will work on most mobile devices. But a Mobile App will work only work on the device it was developed for. An Android App will work on Android system only. Similarly an iPhone or iPad App will not work on Blackberry or Android system and vice-versa. If you want your App to work on Android, iOS and Blackberry, you will have to create three versions of it. That also translates into three times cost. If you are budget conscious it is best to start off with a Mobile Website before upgrading to a Mobile App.

On the other hand, a Mobile Website is platform independent. It will work on most smart devices. There may be some differences in the functionality and appearance specific to that device or its operating system but generally they work well.

Mobile App as an only option

If you want to reach a wider mobile audience the best option is to go with Mobile App. If you are offering your customer a solution that depends on resources available only on a smart device, going with a Mobile App is your only choice. Depending upon the device you target, a Mobile App can easily access the phone calling feature, SMS, GPS, Camera and several other features of the smart device. If you want your customers to interact with you in a very personalized fashion, just like FaceBook, you need a Mobile App. A Mobile App will be the only choice if your requirements cannot be accomplished in a web or a mobile browser.

Mobile Web


Ease of access

You can instantly access a Mobile Website using the browser of your smart device. To use a Mobile App you must download and install it first.


A Mobile Website can be accessed on most smart devices. A Mobile App can be used only on the device it is developed for.

Cost of Development

Compared to a Mobile App a Mobile Website is less expensive to build, manage and support. A Mobile App may cost twice or thrice if required for more than one platform and device.


It is relatively easy to maintain a Mobile Website than it is to a Mobile App. The changes to a Mobile Website are instantly visible at all platforms and devices. In the case of a Mobile App you need to do this one by one for each platform and device. The users have to download the latest update of the App in order to benefit from it.

How to find them

Mobile Web Sites are easy to find because they are listed in search engines. The Mobile Apps are found only in App stores and you have to search for them.


Users can share information of Mobile Websites by forwarding the URLs (links) of the site to their friends and colleagues. These links can also be embedded into QR codes and Text messages. Mobile Apps cannot be shared like this.

Use and Re-Use

The Mobile Website can be accessed any time and then you may not visit it again for weeks or months. But when you want to, you can access it in the browser like you did the last time. A Mobile App, if you don’t want to use it any longer, can be deleted. But to use it again, you must download and install it again.