Response Time

Help requests received by 12 Noon are mostly resolved by the end of the same day. Requests received afterwards are processed by the next business day.


Send Email

Send your request via email. The email address is helpdesk @ Emails allow you to describe an issue in detail, attach images (screenshots) and paste the links to a website if required. Phone and Text messages do not have this feature. Also, we are unable to forward Text messages and phone messages.

Use the Subject Line

Summarize your issue in the Subject Line. Most users leave the Subject Line blank, or not use it effectively. The subject line helps our support team search and track your requests easily and quickly. Each email gets converted into a ticket. The subject line helps us assign, track and process the tickets.

More than one request? No problem.

If you have more than one request, please send separate email for each. Do not mix several requests into one email body. We might need to assign your request to different agents. Separate emails make it easier.

Read the BLOG & FAQs

Visit our BLOG and FAQs periodically, and definitely before sending a new support request email. The answer to your problem might be listed there.

Keeping your Support Costs Low

Our utmost effort is to resolve support issues within one email of a ticket. Certain tickets take about 2-3 emails to get to the closure. Sometimes our agents fail to resolve the matter correctly. On a different instance the client hasn’t reported the problem very clearly. Or, the client changed his mind about the request. Repetitive emails on the same ticket, unless it is due to lack of due diligence on our part, will unfortunately end up being added to your bill.

Thank you for your understanding.