I don’t have time to finish my project.

We can help you expedite or complete the project by filling in for items that are pending. Some clients undertake the responsibility of providing content (Text and images) and many other items that are critical for the completion of the project. But due to shift in priorities they fall behind time lines. We can take care of those items and complete the project. We may charge additional fee for the extra work that we might be doing.

Should you opt for shelving the project, you may have to forfeit the deposit. You might also be liable to pay any applicable balance, depending upon how much work we have completed. The project goes LIVE or not, but we will bill you a fair invoice for the percentage of work completed.

I sent a support request, haven’t received a response.

Support requests are processed on a set mandate. Please click here to review the HelpDesk information.

What is the cost to develop a website

There is no set cost. A one page website may cost $500 if it is just a static page. But if that one page is a search engine, it may cost $5000. It depends upon your requirements and the complexity of the project. We will be happy to provide you with a no-obligation estimate on your project. Click here to send a request.