E-Commerce Websites

Whether you need an entry level e-commerce website or a high-end online shopping solution, Explore Web can build a secure store-front fitted with secure payment gateway, order processing and shipping modules.

Let Our E-commerce Services Give Your Business a Boost!

E-commerce services are a boon if you want to sell merchandise. You have a product but do not want to open a physical store. E-Commerce technology not only makes it possible but also gives you a choice of selling locally or internationally. You can sell anything from clothing to auto accessories. Explore Web will setup and provide you a variety of tools to setup and run an online store. We will also assist you in maintaining your site and educate you about the internet marketing strategies.

While you run your store, we make sure that your E-Commerce website is protected from fraud.



Merchant Accounts

To accept online payments via credit cards you need an online merchant account. We can help you obtain one.


International stores are run using a multi-currency. It is not mandatory but you have the luxury of offering your customers a payment mode which is applicable to their local region.

Online Store

To run an organized store your products shall be organized properly so that your customers can easily and quickly find them. We help you in setting up a easy to use storefront.


It is critical to protect your store front from intruders who could hack into your site. They could change prices, steal customer data, delete orders or simply crash the whole site.


No store can survive if it cannot ship or deliver the sold merchandise efficiently and quickly. We can integrate automatic shipping modules of leading shipping companies in your E-Commerce Website.

Refunds and Returns

A courteous store offers fair refunds and returns. If you want to adopt this practice, we can help you setup this feature.

Inventory and Stock

You can sell limited quantity merchandise by imposing inventory limits. this helps in situations where customers keep ordering but you don’t have any more stock.

Order Processing

Once the orders start coming in, you need an efficient system that allows to receive and process them. You shall be easily able to sort between new, open and closed orders.

International Customers

Whether you can sell internationally depends upon your local laws and the specific product. Because, after selling online the product has to be shipped. Some products are restricted in some countries. We can help you setup this distinction.


Are you going to charge taxes on merchandise? Your storefront has to be configured according to how you are registered as a business and how your local tax authorities govern E-Commerce. We can assist you in setting up multiple taxes.

Sell using eBay

If you want to extend your products to be sold on eBay as well, your E-Commerce website can be extended for this feature.