Mission Statement

To be a dependable, affordable and innovative eBusiness resource.


To empower clients for continued success by providing highest level of service.


To succeed by operating as a professional, ethical and reliable enterprise.

We are one of the most experienced eBusiness and Web Design Company from Canada. We enjoy an enviable market share in our industry. We have been serving professionals, businesses and clients from public sector with an array of innovative products, services and solutions. With each passing year we continue to deliver consistent, successful and increasingly measurable results.

We are a team of quickly adapting individuals that has exemplary expertise in planning, developing, executing and implementing micro to mega projects. We can effectively and efficiently help you plan, project and deliver the results you are seeking in line with your project timelines and budgets. Timelines are sacred to us and we deliver milestones on schedule without compromising or sacrificing our branded quality.

Why Hire Explore Web?

Proven and Verifiable Track Record.

Organized, Focused and Result Oriented.

Skilled, Experienced and Cost Effective.

400 +
Countries Served

Our Team

Our team consists of passionate individuals who take pride in their work. It includes experienced Business Analysts, Programmers, Project Managers, Web Designers, Copywriters and Marketing Professionals. Our relentless dedication to learn, innovate and be successful keeps us on the forefront of our trade ensuring that you receive the highest quality of service as a valued client.

We are able and skilled in handling complex and demanding projects with the highest levels of efficiency. Our faith at work is to deliver highest quality service. At the same time we deliver results that exceed your expectations over and over again.

Corporate Orientation

With each new project we develop lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. Whenever the opportunity arises, we collaborate with successful businesses that bring a common vision to provide a more comprehensive suite of value adding services. These collaborations and associations have become the foundation of our strong market position. We leverage these factors in serving our clients with cutting edge products and services that deliver competitive advantages almost immediately.

We work hard to intimately understand your needs and the unique dynamics of your business. We do risk assessment, goal evaluation, understand your strengths and weaknesses before a strategy for your project is chalked out.

Our experience and knowledge will reflect in our approach while working on your projects. When you engage us for your project, a Project Manager will liaise with you right through the duration of the project. Once your project requirements locked, we will provide you with a comprehensive scope document. The scope document contains project specifications, technologies to be used, milestones, timelines and costs.

With each new project we forge solid business relationships from market leading companies across industries. Whenever we are presented with the opportunity we liaise with front-running businesses to strengthen our vision and provide an even more expansive range of services that adds value to your business.

Explore Web Corporate Profile

Impacting Solutions

We very simply and in our own special way we offer simplistic, dynamic and highly-impact services to our customers. We have the mettle to make it happen and the muscle to see it through to the end and then we start all over again with development and support activities. We use aesthetics, technology, content, graphics and layout to develop solutions that are a true testament to your enterprise.

We use technology very cleverly, but not just for the sake of using it. We have dissected every aspect and concept of it and know how to tweak it to ensure you have a solution that everyone will stop and look at, and user-friendly options that will keep your customers engaged a little longer.

This is the foundation of our business and the finial of this structure is total customer satisfaction.