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Without Software Application
Without Software Application

The Need

Although we see a continuous change in technology around us, not many adopt it as quickly as they should. In fact, a large number of businesses out there still use primitive methods for running their business. It is a state of denial that prevents them to acquire new technologies and blast through to the next level. They think that they are not big enough to adopt a certain technology or its upgrade.

Why do they think so?

That is because they haven’t measured their growth. This measurement determines future pace and vehicle of the business. This measurement is done by data analysis. Some do that by using spreadsheets and some use the old fashioned tool – paper. Not a bad idea, but has a lot of room for error and needs a demanding manual work. A correct and powerful data analysis can be only done using a Cloud Based Software Application.

The Puzzle

The heart of any business is its data. And we see it stuffed and scattered all around in cabinets, binders, bins and God knows where. Some business owners do use technology. Unfortunately their best understanding of technology is FREE email like Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail. And to top it off, they use word processors and spreadsheets. Most businesses stop right there unless they need an invoicing Software.

These individuals don’t realize that managing a cluttered desktop system is a more painful than fruitful.  On the contrary, it is much easier to use a custom designed Software Application.


  • Save time and cost by automating or simplifying tasks
  • Available on the Cloud, accessible everywhere 24X7
  • Secure
  • Delegate easily
  • Reduce risk and error
  • Obtain real time reports
  • Adapt faster to the evolving business environments
  • Improve product quality
  • Enhance business reputation
  • Increase customer trust & satisfaction
  • Reduce information duplication
  • Gain an edge in the market
With Software Application
With Software Application

The Application

It will blend seamlessly into the lifestyle of your company. Our Software Application is instrumental in partial or complete automation of your business using desktop computers, tablet computers and smartphones. It is customized to your specification and is thoroughly tested for highest quality and assurance (Q&A).

You can use this Application to organize your internal operation, interact with your customers and vendors. Your customers can log into this Application to place orders, send product requests, service inquiries and access privileged data.


We also provide ongoing support and training for the Application.


The data of your business is of most value. It could be in the form of spreadsheets, paper notes, binders, emails etc. Our Application will organize and compile it into a structured system. A custom made intuitive user interface will allow you and your staff to access this data with ease.

The data keeps changing and so does the business. We can re-engineer the Application to use the same data in a different way to accommodate the changing trends of business.  Application design or re-design brings new life to the business and makes it more adept to the current marketplace.

Building such a seamless Software Application demands exceptional skill and experience. We develop these Applications completely based on your specific requirements, industry standards & practices. We collaborate with your staff and IT team to ensure an efficient production and implementation of the Application. Our Business Analyst listens to you and understands what your exact business requirements. We educate business owners on using Cloud Software for the pace and growth of their business.

Our business analysis will help you decide which areas of your process to keep, revise and retire. We carefully identify any possible flaws in the current system and develop fixes and additions. We evaluate your resources, funding/budget, timelines, installation or migration and dependencies. We also take into account the continuity of the business operation during development, migration or installation of the Software. Our project managers conduct periodical analysis of the Application in regards to its operation, updates and upgrades.