Peace of Mind

Don’t risk losing your website, for once or for all by ignoring an automatic backup solution. It can be catastrophic if a website gets infected with malware. There are times when this malware can cause irreparable damage to your website. Though this is a definite threat, we have reliable solution to counter this.

What if your web hosting company has a disaster? There can be a hardware issues like a hard drive crash. There can be a power surge or server failure. Sometime the server security is compromised and hackers delete the data. Sometimes a wrong software patch or upgrade could leave the existing data useless or damaged beyond repair. You probably have lots of important information on your website like user data, financial info, email accounts, images and other valuable content. The bad news is that websites, unlike computers and sometimes even more so due to the nature of their widespread reach, are always vulnerable to crashes, attacks, theft and natural disasters, which can cause disruptions or the deleting of everything instantly.

Business and individuals spend huge amounts of money and effort developing their websites. After the website is developed, it collects crucial and mission critical data on regular basis. The website and the data it collects have a substantial value. This data needs to be safe.

We provide you with an effective Website Backup service. It provides you peace of mind that all your information is safe and easily accessible even in the event of any malware attack.

Fully Automated

Backup is fully automated. It will start every day on its own pre-programmed schedule or can also be triggered at a time of your choice. Some websites may be most active during certain hours of the day. Those hours shall be avoided for the backup to initialize. A manual, on-demand backup can also be taken at any time.

Size of Website

Websites as small as 5 GB and as large as 500 GB can be backed up. Incremental backup is very fast making it easier to handle large size websites and databases.

Disaster Recovery

In the event of a disaster, when your website is either compromised or data gets lost due to any reason, we can help you restore your site. Please note that sometimes the restored data may not work due to the updated LIVE platform. Additional costs might incur to overcome this problem.

Selective Restore

Selective restore is also available. If you happen to lose a specific file or folder, only that particular one can be restored.

Isolated Files & DB

The backup system keeps the HTML files and Databases separately. This makes the restore exercise easy and effective. You can restore just the HTML file or files, or the database alone.

Retention Period

Your backup is kept and rotated for 30 days. That is the maximum you can go back for restoring your data.

Offshore Backup

The backup is taken on a system which is not on the same physical location of the host server. This ensures that a disaster does not impact the host as well the backup system, should they both reside in the same physical premises.